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We have established a modern manufacturing facility that helps us in developing our range of color masterbatches, black masterbatches, white masterbatches, additives masterbatches and UV masterbatches and masterbatches for various polypropylene applications like PP non-woven application. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with high installation capacity and the latest technology to allow smooth execution of our production process. We have fully automated plants to serve our clients better according to their desired specifications.

Our manufacturing equipment includes world class extruders, mixers, grinders, dryers and pelletizers. We have extensive knowledge of various polymers like PET, PBT, PPHP, LDPE, LLDPE, Polycarbonate, Nylons, ABS, HIPS, GPPS and PMMA. Our list of sophisticated R&D equipments include:


We are equipped with the most sophisticated lab machinery and equipment for continuous development of innovative products to meet the ever changing needs of our clients.
Some of our sophisticated lab machinery and equipments are as below:
 PP Nonwoven Fabric Machine
 Spectrophotometer for checking difference in colour values
 I.V.(Intrinsic Viscosity) Tester and Melt Flow Index (MFI) Tester
 Filter Pressure Value (FPV) Lab Tech Machine
 Light Booth for shade matching
 Blown Film Line
 Lab Scale Extruder lines (Omega 20)
 vSheet & Moulding Exhibit Preparation Machines
 Injection Moulding machines
 Lab Scale Spinning machine
 Lab Scale Machine for Nonwoven Fabric
 Lab Scale Film Plant
 CBC(Carbon Black Content) Testing
 High Speed Mixing Tester
 Compression Molding M/c
 Moisture Analyzer
 Hot Air Oven
 Muffle Furnace
 Pantone and RAL shade cards
 Filler Content Analysis