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Master Flow™ – Arihant Masterbatches for Plastic Applications

Master Spin™ – Arihant Masterbatches for Textile Applications

Our high quality polymer products have found various applications in different industrial sectors including automotive, wires & cables, footwear, packaging, medical applications, pipes, building & construction, home appliance, blow molding and industrial appliances. Using a broad range of pigments, dyes, additives and base resins, we create specialty grade master batches to best suit your specific application needs. We also innovate customized solutions based on your requirements.

As a leading and upcoming supplier to the Textile industry, Arihant Polyplast provides high color consistency and enhanced property modification for all types of textile fibers with excellent spinning performance. Our custom colors, mono concentrates and additive masterbatches help customers to achieve their target and to improve processes.

Our custom color and additive dispersions are designed to meet the specialized requirements of the PP nonwovens industry so as to help the customers improve manufacturing efficiencies. We are having a wide variety of developed shades in our library as per market requirements for PP-Nonwoven applications. We have special masterbatches like medical/surgical blue, green and white for medical and surgical applications used in protective kits of COVID-19. Arihant is constantly developing new and cost-effective solutions to meet the special requirements of customers.

We have a wide range of color and additive masterbatches for polyester fibers used in commercial and residential carpets and rugs. We offer quick response and tailor-made solutions for bulk continuous fiber (BCF), heat-set cut pile, tufted and woven carpets.

Our dope dying dispersion technology is effective in rugged applications like upholstery, sportswear and apparel. Arihant Polyplast supplies additive masterbatches that deliver durability, brightness, UV stability, flame retardant and antibacterial properties to support and improve performance of products in this industry.

We assure excellent batch-to-batch consistency and reproducibility for customers making fibers for the automobile Industry. Arihant’s dispersion technology commits to high levels of color consistency and product performance as demanded by the automobile Industry.

Our color masterbatches, additive and combo-batches give excellent process and utility performance to the woven sacks industry supporting fertilizers, cement, sugar, food grains, salt, flour, cattle feed, seeds, sand, chemicals and many more such items. We offer a variety of masterbatches for film and raffia application, leno bags, packaging products etc.

Arihant Polyplast understands and operates to deliver the highest standards for color and critical additives masterbatches. Lives often depend on the performance of technical fibres like mono- and multifilament yarns. Our strong expertise takes in the spinning performance of your production line for the utmost fulfillment of the physical properties of the produced multifilament.

Our products support customized and differentiated products to cater to the needs of the fishing industry as well as a variety of aquaculture cages. Arihant’s high performance masterbatches withstand synthetic ropes for various applications from power transmission (tower erection & line stringing) to marine hawsers for shipping, mooring and towing applications, industrial ropes and marine hawsers.

Arihant’s dispersions are extremely successful in making sports nets of excellent weather fastness, yarn and threads for shoe stitching, FIBC and other flexible pack sealing.

For agricultural nets, Arihant’s color and additive masterbatches are used in the making of shade nets, sericulture nets, insect nets, fencing nets, floriculture nets, crop support nets, grape nets and anti-bird nets where the outdoor performance plays an important role.

We have our expertise and a range of products for plastic injection, blow moulding applications and extrusion processes. We also offer customized special effect masterbatches such as pearl, metallic and special surface feel masterbatches as per customer requirements.




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